biwako seikei sport college
Sport Studies for Better Quality of Life

With the shift from focusing on economic development to enriching human life within the international community and global environment, expectations about the role of sport are increasing. The broad ranging field of athletic sport, evident at the Olympics and professional sporting fixtures continues to be an expanding market. Greater human recognition and interest in Sport for All has prevailed. The associated social, physical and mental health benefits for improving quality of life are becoming increasingly evident. Various human resources namely managers, trainers, coaches, instructors and educators have proven to be indispensable in the field of sport. The impetus behind Biwako Seikei Sport College is to facilitate professionals from multi-disciplinary fields by endeavoring to apply inherent expertise in theoretical knowledge and practical skill.

Department of Sport for Life

People enjoy sports throughout their life in a variety of environs, both outdoors and in, be it in the community or at school. The gDepartment of Sport for Lifeh offers studies in the theory and practice of optimal support for sporting activities that enrich and enliven our modern life. We train those who plan, instruct, and manage sports as part of our leisure activities, and others who play an active role in the most popular sports, including Physical Education teachers.
Prior to completion of first year, students are required to select their study path in Outdoor Education, Sport in the Community or Sport and Physical Education and commence their specialization from second year.

Outdoor Education
Management and instruction of outdoor sports are studied with extensive practical training, including skiing, marine sports, and camping. Outdoor sports instructors are trained with due consideration to outdoor elements while mastering the leadership skills required in the field.

Sport in the Community
Theories are examined to create an environment and system of sports for the community. Those seeking to manage, operate, and provide instruction at sports facilities run by municipalities and private organizations can acquire the skills needed to develop and support community sports.

Sport and Physical Education
Theories and practical methods are undertaken to develop instructional abilities primarily for teaching purposes in school. This course is designed to enable health and physical education teachers take an active role at educational institutions, and ensure professional advancement for instructors who support mental and physical health improvement and sports skills.

Department of Athletic Sport

Students embarking on gAthletic Sporth learn the latest theories and practices for training, coaching, and management across a wide scope, including spectators and organizations, in addition to elite athletes.
Various aspects of athletic support, such as sports medicine, training theories, and sponsorship, are tackled scientifically to produce instructors able to improve and develop athletic prowess.
Prior to completion of first year, students are required to select their study path in Athletic Training, Coaching or Sport Management and commence their specialization from second year.

Athletic Training
In this course the latest training methods of sports rehabilitation skills, sports medicine and sports nutrition are studied, which caters for prospective athletic trainers and health exercise instructors.

Studies for this course include coaching systems, advanced strategies, sports techniques and biomechanics. This is designed to nurture potential instructors, coaches, and mental trainers etc. across multiple disciplines with the ability to improve competitiveness through both scientific and theoretical support. 

Sport Management
In this course the modern prerequisites for sports business such as practical theories in management, marketing, and media are examined. This course caters for prospective practitioners throughout the entire sporting spectrum, such as for professional, corporate and government organizations, as well as sports media.

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